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Repertoire précedent (9088) Button Madness - Windows GAME - OBJECTIVE: Turn all the buttons red. (15282) Demo of Moku for Windows by Chris Graham - an asiatic board game (96763) DOMINATE 1.0 from Shadoware, JUN 1993. - a strategy game for Windows (134286) Jewels 1.3 - Genre de tetris pour Windows (96630) LOOPZ WINDOWS version 1.1 - This program is freeware. (88788) Missile 1.1 for Win - Genre space Invaders (234098) Mah Jong 3.1 (Ron Balewski; $20) is a full-featured version of the Mah Jongg solitaire tile game. Ten different tile sets are included and more can be created with a compatible paint program and the accompanying PCX template. (22040) Puzzle 1.1 for Win - Puzzle is played by first scrambling the tiles, then moving the tiles around by clicking on them with the mouse, or using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Try to reconstruct the original image. (352831) Shih Tao 1.5 by Kreisel & Reinartz. An old asiatic board game for WIN31. The object is to strategically place 66 colorful stones in the board. Features include 3D graphics, help/undo options, load/save games, and more. VBRUN300. SHAREWARE (225429) Prairie Dog Hunt for windows 1.0 (280133) FORTRESS (c) Diversion Software - SW The object of F O R T R E S S is to destroy waves of enemy Walkers that are descending upon your planet surface. You are inside a heavily armed rotating fortress. Walkers will approach your position and try to destroy you. If they reach your position they will detonate and damage your fortress (97737) MSCHOMP 1.3 by Peter Siamidis - A Pac-Man clone for Windows - Shareware $5

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