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Repertoire précedent (11958) DosBar V1.10 (c) 1993 by Andreas Furrer DosBar adds a toolbar to any DOS window. With this toolbar you have an easy access to the mark, copy, paste and other functions which will normally only be available from the system (25803) More Control - ajoute de tas de facilités à Windows (6585) Screen Saver Launcher customized configuration of Windows 3.1 for up to four individual users. SetUser is run at Windows startup and asks which of the four users wishes to log in. (13314) yet another trashcan utility (3324) Displays hour & date in the bar title (156492) VBRUN100.DLL - needed by a lot of programs running on Windows (204161) VBRUN200.DLL Visual Basic run-time module.REQUIRED for apps compiled with VB 2.x (228255) Runtimes pour Visual Basic 3.0 (8308) Donne des infos sur le système (11752) System Utility (102978) lot d'utilitaires Windows (56103) XBoard is a simple little program which sort of acts like a 5 car garage for textual data. (29277) Better Colors 1A - Lets you change the shades of the fixed Windows system colors. Brighten the dull colors, change red to rose, black to navy, etc - Unlocks the 256K "true colors" palette available in all video cards from low-end VGA on up. (40870) VB Icon Browser v. 2.20. View, print, and manage Windows .ICO icons. Now includes on-line help! VB source code and icons provided with registration! (38967) Ftaskman V1.14 (c) 1993 by Andreas Furrer - FTaskman is a replacement for the taskmanager of Windows version 3.1 (85446) Letter Box is the worlds first replacement DOS subsystem for MS Windows. Features: True Type Fonts, Logging of Error Msgs, Hypertext Help, on-the-fly changes to PIF settings, more Terminal Fonts(bold,italic 72 pts). Faster execution & startup (40027) All3D V1.30 (c) 1993,94 by Andreas Furrer With All3D you can add Microsoft's new 3D look to the dialogs of most Windows Applications. All3D needs Windows 3.1, it will not work with Windows 3.0. (37591) Winsock Line Printer Daemon LPD for Windows (39882) Programme fournit avec le CD-ROM de PC-MAGAZINE. Permet d'avoir des fenêtres dos sous windows. (980447) unix-like utilities (grep, etc) for win95
powertoy.exe (267180)

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