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gdoc0214.zip (165132) GoldED 2.42.G0214, Docs and Adv.Cfg. - Copyright (C) Odinn Sorensen, 2:234/159. * Featured-packed e-mail editor for use with FidoNet[tm] systems. Supports 6 (six!) of the most popular msgbases: Fido *.MSG, Hudson, Squish, JAM, Ezycom
gedg0214.zip (320765) GoldED 2.42.G0214 for DOS. Copyright (C) Odinn Sorensen, 2:234/159. * Featured-packed e-mail editor for use with FidoNet[tm] systems. Supports 6 (six!) of the most popular
tusqe_01.zip (82801) Tusqe 0.1 - The Unflappable Squish Editor
seal_040.zip (224776) SEAL Squish Echo Area Link Manager and TIC File Processor Version 0.40 by R. Presland
fixpkt.zip (15113) Fix Grunged PKT - for ms-dos
ge2fd101.arj (15465) Golded to FrontDoor
ge2ra201.arj (60932) Golded to Remote Access
golddocs.zip (178032) GoldED 2.41 (Docs+advanced cfg).
sqd110wb.zip (212840) Squed 1.10wb - Squish and *.Msg compatible message reader/editor. Version 7 nodelist browser.
sets102d.zip (47737) Sets 1.02d - Squish.log analyser, generates a raport file.
roger21.arj (158285) RoGeR Vers. 2.1 Super Filerequestutility extrem schnell und mit vielen Features auch für gepackte Filelisten geeignet für: FrontDoor, Binkley, Yuppie u.a. jetzt auch für CrossPoint verwendet bis zu 3 Nodelisten
x00153a.zip (107412) X00 - A very powerfull Fossil driver
pktsc140.arj (269367) PktScan mailflow report generator rel. 1.40
flstd115.zip (59209) FasLst 1.15 - Fastlst, nodelist compiler, by Alberto Pasquale (DOS version)
- split large messages according to FSC-0047
- sort messages by subject and/or time
- remove garbage from 'bad' packets
- split large packets to a more handy size
- unsplit large messages back to orign. size
- fast & highly configurable
- works with any echomail tosser
- runs with both OS/2 and DOS in 32 bit mode
- quick installation for Squish & CrossPoint
- quick installation for FastEcho & IMail
dlcstv11.zip (67976) DialCost v1.01 Will calculate the phone costs for most mailers. Very accurate calculation. Local, National, Special, International Costs can be fully configured for any hour and/or day of the week. Report output to a file or Netmail/Echomail via a *.pkt file (type 2+ packet). Works great with Binkley, POP, Xenia/2, Frontdoor and Intermail but program can be configured for other mailers. Registration fee only $10.00. (c) 1994 by Erik Groten Steenwelle Holland.
kpost111.zip (52565) KAMPost is a textfile Posting Program for JAM, Hudson, Ezycom, Squish, Packet, and Fido type message bases. KAMPost features full message base locking support and MORE!!
tim101.zip (227313) TimEd 1.01; Fast msg editor supporting Squish, JAM, *.MSG and Hudson bases; With internal editor. DOS version
timc_101.zip (21935) TIMCOLOR v1.01. A tiny utility to create your favourite color-configuration for the message-reader timEd. Actually see on screen how the colors will look like when using the reader/editor. Freeware! Bugfix!
ntmgr98.zip (79441) NetMgr/beta; Copy, move, delete, change, file, bounce, etc. netmail, based on the message header. JAM, Squish, Hudson and *.MSG formats supported. DOS version.
itr11eg8.arj (248965)
bh101b07.arj (76744) BlackHole is an inter-domain EchoMail gating utility for FidoNet(R) technology based networks (FTN's). It will NOT gate between different zones in the same domain, nor between FidoNet(R) systems and/or other technologies such as UUCP.
geoa.zip (307373) pour Golded

Dierin ramîdraedje:12/20/06

Cisse pådje html a stî fwaite avou on simpe script shell so linux. Gråces traze côps ås oteus di linux, gawk, grep eyet bash ! :)

Li cogne a stî inspirêye på programe BBS to HTML da Eric Lapaille

Pablo Saratxaga srtxg@walon.org

Ci script a stî candjî pa Christian Vanguers Les ramidraedjes estént: Radjout di celules po mete e meyeuse cogne les nos des fitchîs eyet leus discrijhaedjes sol pådje HTML.