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hangul.zip (72582) little Win 3.1 text editor in hangul characters
Hangul.FAQ (15942) FAQ on using hangul with computers
hcode2.1.README (6445)
hcode2.1.tar.gz (49128) programs to convert between different hangul/hanja codings
cjk.zip (38988) Text on handling CJK (Chinese-Japanese-Korean) on computers
X11-pcf-fonts_ksc5601.tgz (1015931) Korean (ksc5601) X11 pcf fonts
rfc1557.gz (3255) Korean Character Encoding for Internet Messages
libwcsmbs-0.0.5-2.i386.rpm (10560) libwcsmbs パッケージは、標準 glibc パッケージに追加して用いる ことで、マルチバイト文字が扱えるようになります。
libwcsmbs-0.0.5-2.src.rpm (32294) libwcsmbs パッケージは、標準 glibc パッケージに追加して用いる ことで、マルチバイト文字が扱えるようになります。
locales-ko-0.4.9-2.i386.rpm (667999) These are the base files for Korean language localization; you need it to correctly display 8bits and 7bits japanese codes, and for proper representation of dates and numbers according to korean language conventions. Note however that this locale definition is not totally right; as I've been unable to use 16bit characters definitions; I cheated a little to make it work.
man-pages-ko-1.1-6mk.noarch.rpm (299336) Hangul manpages maintained by Chu-yeon Park
man-pages-ko-1.1-6mk.src.rpm (169625) Hangul manpages maintained by Chu-yeon Park

Dierin ramîdraedje:12/21/03

Cisse pdje html a stî fwaite avou on simpe script shell so linux. Gråces traze côps ås oteus di linux, gawk, grep eyèt bash ! :)

Li cogne a stî inspiréye pal programe BBS to HTML da Eric Lapaille

Pablo Saratxaga srtxg@chanae.alphanet.ch

Ci script a stî candjî pa Christian Vanguers Les ramîdraedjes estint: Radjout di celules po mete è meyeuse cogne les nos des fitchîs eyèt leus discrijhaedjes sol pådje HTML.