Color names

Nos des coleurs

This page shows the colour names in Walloon and English; with also the colour itself being displayed. For those having "???" in place of the colour I don't know the RGB number to represent it; if someone could tell me I'll complete it.

MISMATCH: Cornflower = djaene poes d' turk (corn = poes d' turk) ???
But it is a blue color! Mins c' est ene bleuwe coleur! "bleu poes d' turk" motoit?

Apricot  ???  djaene-bricot
Aquamarine    bleu-vert ???
Black    noer
Blue    bleu (f: bleuwe)
Blue Green  ???  bleu-vete (what's the difference with "aquamarine"?)
Blue Grey  ???  bleu-gris
Blue Violet    bleu-viyol
Brick Red  ???  rodje brike
Brown    brun (f: breune)
Burnt Orange  ???  orandje brol / orandje rosti
Burnt Sienna    (tere di) Sienne brolye
Cadet Blue    ??? a typical blue for an uniform in a Cadet-school ?
Carnation Pink  ???  rze tchr / rze vizaedje
Copper  ???  keuve
Cornflower    vikant bleu, fel bleu
Cyan    cian
Dark Grey    gris fonc / gris sombe / gris noer
Dark Purple  ???  pourpe fonc
Forest Green    vert bouxhnisse / vert des bws
Gold    r
Goldenrod    rodje dor
Green    vert (f: vete)
Green Yellow    vert-djaene
Grey    gris
Indian Red    Indian Red = Sorry, no more in use in the USA ! They change the name. It was racialy disciminative (?). I don't know the new one for this kind of red a bit more "viyol" ???
Lavender  ???  lavande / bleu lanvande
Lemon Yellow  ???  djaene citron
Magenta    madjenta
Mahogany  ???  brun acadjo
Maize  ???  mayisse / djaene poes d' turk
Maroon    maron
Melon  ???  djaene melon
Midnight Blue    bleu di meynute
Navy Blue    bleu marine
Olive Green    vert olve
Orange    orandje
Orange Red    rodje orandj
Orange Yellow  ???  djaene orandj
Orchid    Orchid = not a common flower growing in our country. The imported (and now cultivated) have so much colors that I can't make a choice
Peach    pche / djaene petche
Periwinkle  ???  pervintche / bleu pervintche
Pine Green  ???  vert sapn
Pink    rze
Plum    a plum = bioke (but the word is not used, as far as I know, to denote a colour, as there are several kinds of plums, with different colours) Plum = a buloke. I guess it must be a "bleuw-rodje" like the "buloke" (the fruit)
Purple    porpe / rodje violac
Raw Siena    tere di Sienne
Raw Umber  ???  tere d' ombe
Red    rodje
Red-auburn  ???  rossea (f: rossete)
Red Orange  ???  orandje-rodje
Red Violet  ???  viyol-rodje
Salmon    smon
Sea Green    vert di mr
Sepia  ???  sepia (gris-noer)
Silver  ???  rdjint
Sky Blue    bleu cr
Spring Green    vert di prtins
Steel Blue    bleu ac
Tan    Tan = coleur del pea bruneye p solea et a depend s' i tape deur ou nn :-) As a matter of fact, the "tan" (the same in walloon) is the extract of the "schoice" (the bark) of the "tchinne" (oak) for the making/coloring of the "cr" (the leather). The sun just do the same for our skin.
Thistle    tcherdon (but I've never heard that word used for colours) Thistle : some kind of green ? I dunno.
Turquoise Blue    ???
Violet    viyol
Violet Blue  ???  bleu viyol
Violet Red    rodje viyol
White    blanc
Yellow Green    vert-djaene / djaene-schite-d'-we
Yellow    djaene
Yellow Orange  ???  djaene-orandje

But this is quite a lot of subtilities (spepiaedjes) for specialists. In the common life it is more easy to say "on djaene tirant dsus l' vet", "on ple-bleuw" or "on sombe-bleuw", "on rodje tirant vi l' bleuw", "on bleuw-violac", "ene rodjasse, bleuwasse, djonasse, vetasse, noerasse, grigneuse.. coleur" without a precision... after all, we have your eyes to see and you heart for love or hate a painting... Just wait the dead of the painter to know if your bet (on him) was good or not. (Betting = "wadj" in walloon).
(Words from Djoz Schoovaerts who told most of the colour names)

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