This page lists only the most common terms; for more examples you can look at real translations of computer programs at:

[on] means "omrin no" (masculine name)
[fn] means "femrin no" (feminine name)
[ofn] is for "omrin et femrin no" (it can have both genders)
[v] is for verbs (viebes)

copiutrece [fn]		computer
(the -rece suffix is used for small devices and has been hevily used when
 creating words for the new computer devices:
taprece	[fn]		keyboard
ene tape [fn]		a key
taper [v]		to type
s(i)canrece [fn]	scanner
s(i)crirece [fn]	printer (sicrire=to write)
rexhe sol sicrirece	to print (litt: to output (rexhe) on the printer)
pap [on]		paper
intche [fn]		ink
sori [fn]		mouse
cte son [fn]		sound card
cte videyo [fn]	video card
so fyis			on line
rantoele [fn]		network
rantoele daegnrece	mondial network, internet
daegntoele [fn]		mondial network, internet 
waibe [on]		web site ("waibe" first meaning is the ground place
		were chickes are and eat; by extension its second meaning
		is a place where one is accostumed and like to be.
		from that second meaning and the phonetic similarity with
		english "web" the computer related meaning has been made and
		it catch up quite quickly)
hrdye	[fn]		url, link
loyn [on]		link
pdje [fn]		page
emile [on]		email (word play between English "email" and the
		walloon first name "Emile" (cf the same word play in Spanish
		with "emilio"))
emiler [v]		to send an email
emilaedje [on]		the fact of sending an email

deure plake [fn]	hard disk
plakete	[fn] 		floppy disk, diskette
plake lazer [fn]	CDROM (litt: laser disk)
NOTE: "plake" is only used for the "medium" meaning of disk, never for
its geometrical meaning, for which it is: "disse" or "cke" (circle)
fitch [on]		file
ridant [on]		directory (litt: )
programe [on]		program
enonder on programe	to launch a program

Ezs menus		In menus

schaper			save
aidance			help
drovi			open
mouss fo		exit
clre			close
rinonc			abort, cancel
i va / 'l est bon 	OK
imprimer		print
candj			change, edit
cper			cut
claper			paste
copy			copy
apontiaedje		configuration
aponty			to configure
apontiaedjes		settings
preferinces		preferences
d fwait...		about...

waitrole [fn]		screen
(the suffix -ye denotes the contents when added to a word of a container)
waitrolye [fn]	screenshot (=the content of the screen)
plactye [fn]		the content of a disk (plake) or floppy (plakete)
imdje [fn]		image
imdjete [fn]		icon
s(i)cribanne [on]	desktop
s(i)criftr [on]	the "panel" often at the bottom of the screen where
		icons, task bars and start menus often are
menu [on]		menu
fonte [fn]		font
clintcheys letes	italics
crsss letes 		bold
miernows letes		font which isn't italics nor bold (litt: "nude")

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