[on] means "omrin no" (masculine name)
[fn] means "femrin no" (feminine name)
[ofn] is for "omrin et femrin no" (it can have both genders)
[v] is for verbs (viebes)

Family: famile [fn], parintêye [fn]
father: pa, popa [on]
mother: mame, man, moman [fn]
kid, child: efant [ofn]
girl: båshele; feye [fn]
boy: valet; fi [on]
grandfather: grand-pére [on]
grandmother: grand-mére [fn]
dad: pa
mum: man
brother: fré (frére) [on]
sister: soû(r) [fn]
cousin: cuzén, cousse [on] cuzene [fn]
aunt: matante
uncle: mononke
ancestors: tåyes [on], tayons [on], vîs parints [on]
mother-in-law: bele-mére
father-in-law: bea-pére 
brother-in-law: sorodje, bea-fré
sister-in-law: bele-soû(r)
grand-children: pitits-efants [on]
household: mwinnaedje, manaedje [on]
godchild: fiyou [on], fiyoule [fn]
godfather/godmother: pårén [on], mårene [on] (traditionally the rôle of 
	godparents was done by grandparents, that lead to "pårén" and "mårene"
	being used also to say grand-father and grand-mother)
youngest child: raculot [on], skirlou [on]
wedding: mariaedje [on]
wife: feume (NB: same word as "woman")
husband: ome (NB: same word as "man")
generation: djermêye [fn], coûsse [fn]
family affairs: afwaires [fn] di famile
to have modest origins / modest extraction: provni d' ene pôve culote ("to
	come out from a poor trouser")
"like father liker child" (I can't seem to remember the exact expression in
	English): efant d' tchet mougne voltî des soris ("a cat's child loves
	to eat mice").

français	English		walon
========	=======		=====
père            father		pa/popa/pére
mère            mother		man/mame/mére
enfant          child		efant
fils            son		valet; fi
fille           daughter	båshele; feye
cousin          cousin		c(o)uzén, c(o)uzene; cousse
filleul(e)	godson, goddaughter     fiyou, fiyoule
soeur           sister		soû(r)
frère           brother		fré/frére
tante           aunt		matante
oncle           uncle		mononke
neveu           nephew		neveu
niece           niece		neveuse
se marier	to get married  si maryî
épouser         to marry	maryî (Djan a maryî Mareye), spozer
mari            husband		ome
femme           wife		feume
parent          parent		parint
famille         family		famile
parentée        relatives, parent	parintêye
papa            dad		pa
maman           mom		man, mame
grand-parents   grandparents    grand-parints
grand-père	grandfather     grand-pére
grand-mère	grandmother     grand-mére
petit-fils	grandson	pitit-fi
petite-fille    granddaughter   pitite-feye
arrière-petits-enfants  great-grandchildren     årire pitits-efants
beaux-parents   in-laws		beas-parints, belès djins
beau-père	father-in-law   bea-pére
belle-fille     daughter-in-law bele-feye
parents proches (close) relatives	près-parints
au ne degré     relatives of the nth degree	al n-inme botnîre
âge             age		adje
mourir, décéder to die		mori (dji mour, nos morans, dj' a mor(o)u)
décédé le 5/6 ou mort le...     died on		il a mor(o)u li 5 di djun...
naître          to be born	vini å monde, skepyî, nexhe
né le...        born on...	vin(o)u å monde li..., skepyî li..., nexhou li...
déménager	to move		baguer, dismwinnaedjî
habiter à	to live in	dimorer a,  viker a

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