[on] means "omrin no" (masculine name)
[fn] means "femrin no" (feminine name)
[ofn] is for "omrin et femrin no" (it can have both genders)
[v] is for verbs (viebes)

- to be hungry: aw/avu.. fwin
- to be very hungry: avu si stoumak a s' dos (to have one's stomach on one's
back) + dozens of other phrases
- to be thirsty: aw/avu... soe
- thirst: soe
- to drink a lot: boere cekes et tonea (to drink the barrel and its
bands) + dozens of other phrases
- he's a heavy drinker: il a st spani avou on soret (he was weaned with a
smoked herring)
- fast (n): djune [on]
- to fast: djuner [v], f djune
- breakfast (n): disdjuner [on]
- to have breakfast: disdjuner [v]
- to have brunch: riddjuner [v]
- peas: poes [on]
- beans: nintes [fn], manje-tout [on], fves [fn]
- bread: pwin / pan [on]
- leek: porea [on]
- roast meat: rosti [on]
- onion: agnon [on]
- stew: boli/bouli [on]
- bacon: lrd [on]
- pork chop: coisse, ctlete [fn]
- knuckel of ham: djamblete [fn]
- mustard: mostde [fn]
- liver: feute [on]

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