Les moes (months)

janvier January djanv
fvrier February fevr
mars March mss
avril April avri
mai May may
juin June djun
juillet July djulete
aot August awousse
septembre September setimbe
octobre October octbe
novembre November nvimbe
dcembre December decimbe

NB: les noms de mois s'utilisent avec la prposition "di".
NB: Month names are used with preposition "di"

ex.: nos estans djordu li cnk *di* fevr = Nous sommes le 5 fvrier. Today is 5 Feb.

Les djos del samwinne (days of the week)

Monday londi
Tuesday mrdi
Wednesday mierkidi (ancient form: dimirk - maybe still used in Wisconsin?)
Thursday djdi / djouwdi
Friday vnrdi
Saturday semdi
Sunday dmegne

Moumints del djournye (moments of the day)

dawn ene aireu, ene aire do djo, ene pikete (do djo)
morning matn, divant doze eures
noon nonne, doze eures (= 12 o'clock) (and, yes, the English "noon" and the Walloon "nonne" have the same origin: it was the ninth hour for monks, in days of yore when men were men and did get up a bit earlier than we do)
afternoon aprs-nonne
end of afternoon vesprye
evening al nute /nt, del swereye, del shjhe, al breune
dusk anuti
night ene nute / nt
at ... / in the ... di l' aprs-nonne, al nute, del nute...

Dire l' eure (telling the time)

it's nine am il est nov eures (do matn)
it's five past nine il est nov eures et cnk
ten past nine nov eures et djh
a quarter past nine nov eures et cwrt / on cwrt
twenty min. past nine nov eures et vint
twenty-five min. past nine nove eure (t) vint-cnk
half ten nov eures et dmey / li dmey di djh
a quarter to ten djh eures moens l' cwrt / li cwrt
second ene segonde
minute ene munute
hour ene ere
day on djo, ene djournye
week ene samwinne
month on moes
year ene anye
century on sieke

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