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A little cartoon of myself:
A little cartoon of myself...
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Écusson de ma famille I'm of Basque origins trough my name (Saratxaga, which means place where there are willows in euskara language), but my family settled in America since 1613. I also have German Swiss and Catalan ascents from my gramma. I was born on november the 23th 1971, at Santiago of Chile. I lived in Montevideo, Uruguay, untill 1981. And now I live in Liège, Belgium, since then.


My computers background involves mainly Unix administration and Unix use (I use it at home, thanks to Linux®). A list of the programs I've used and the experience I've acquired includes: general administration of Unix boxes, administration and setup of TCP/IP based networks, usenet news server, e-mail server, ftp, http (Apache), PPP, as well as experience in use and configuration of the Samba server.

I also have some basics in C, C++ and bash shell programming.

I'm native speaker of French and Spanish, with knowledge of English (written English); I also uderstand Italian and I follow Japanese courses at CEJUL.
I also am trying to learn Walloon, the native language of the place I currently live in.


I'm a great amateur of Linux, an Open Source operating system. I'm foundation member of the non profit associations R.T.F.M. and the Linux Users Group of Uruguay (UYLUG).

One of my current occupations is pushing for interest in the localization (often abbreviated i10n) of the Linux operating system to as many languages as possible; for that I created some supplementary locales support in addition to those distributed with GNU libc, and I distribute them as locales-??-*.noarch.rpm packages. There are currently several languages supported; I greatly thanks all those that helped me on that task.
I also host on my box Mailing-Lists focused on the translation of Linux to catalan, walloon and euskara languages.
And, on my spare time, I translate the user interface of the Gnome environnement to Spanish.

Another of my hobbies is the Fidonet network, which I'm member of since 1993, and which allowed me, since 1992, to discover and use e-mail (at that time the Internet wasn't yet know here in Belgium; at least not for the average people).
I also mantain ifmail-tx. A project that I would maybe do is porting it to support IPv6.
I also help in the co-gestion of the fidonet <--> usenet gateway for the news hierarchy fido.belg.*.

I still have my own machine freely accessible by modem since I created my BBS, called Bad WaZOO, in 1993. Since then it has changed its name to Oriental BBS and also changed itself compeltly, the machine now runs on Linux and it's possible to connect using FTN or BBS interface as previously, but also with PPP or UUCP protocols. THe focus of the BBS has also been moved to Linux system and more broadly Open Source software, as well as on Japanese language (programs for DOS, Windows and Unix). The phone number if you want to make a call by modem is 32-4-344.50.20

My old PGP 2 public key (use it only if you cannot use new PGP format).
My new PGP/GPG public key.
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