Why these pages?

Pocwè a dju scrît ces pådjes chal

While reading the messages of the WorldWideWalloons mailing list I saw that there were several people interested in Walloon language (either because they had wallonian roots, like the descenders of the Wallonian settlers in wisconsin; or any other reason) that don't know French, and that don't master Walloon language enough.
And that is a problem for them, as almost all the existing data about Walloon is either in Walloon only, or in Walloon and French.

So I started writting these pages, to provide Walloon information to interested people not knowing Walloon (yet) nor French. I hope you find them useful.
Don't hesitate to tell me new ideas for improvements and tell me of any error that may be present.

Pablo Saratxaga <pablo@walon.org>

Other walloon linguage sites

L' Aberteke da Lucyin Mahin.

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